Open Doors to a Better Future:
Make a gift to HAPHousing

Children need a safe home where they can learn and play. For 35 years HAPHousing has specialized in enabling families to rent decent apartments they can afford. At the same time private landlords are supported to maintain buildings in good condition, which benefits all of us.

Provide safety and stability to local children

Today the tragedy of family homelessness is not just a global problem. Homelessness is striking increasing numbers of children right here, and HAPHousing is a leader in crafting new solutions to end family homelessness in our region.

Your gift will help offer emergency assistance to prevent family homelessness, provide shelter, and quickly get families back into their own homes. Some of these families are victims of domestic violence and receive supportive, transitional housing and assistance to create new homes and lives.

Strengthen our communities

Vacant buildings and foreclosed properties hurts everyone in a neighborhood. With your support, HAPHousing:

  • trains and counsels more than 700 first-time homebuyers a year to buy a house they can afford with a safe mortgage;
  • prevents mortgage foreclosure by enabling families to negotiate with their lenders or make the tough decision to sell;
  • transforms historic buildings into charming apartments for seniors; (Church Street School in Ware recently completed - you can help now in Ludlow.)
  • rehabilitates, builds and manages affordable housing in communities where it is needed throughout the region;
  • revitalizes neighborhoods in Springfield and Holyoke, transforming blight and vacant buildings into homes for first-time homebuyers and restoring tax revenue and economic vitality.

Help break the cycle of poverty

An integral part of our work is helping people set goals and create better futures for their families. HAPHousing works with women and families to obtain training and better jobs to achieve goals many never dreamed were possible. With new self-confidence and meaningful careers, they become independent of public assistance and break the cycle of poverty in their families. Many become homeowners and are the first in their families to send their children to college.

Click here for stories about people whose lives have been changed by their interaction with HAPHousing programs and services.

Why your gift makes a difference

HAPHousing receives funding from many public and philanthropic sources, but it is never enough to meet the needs in our region. Your unrestricted gift will be put to use where it is most needed. If you would like to direct your gift to a particular program, please contact us.

Giving—and giving every year—makes an enormous difference. Every gift counts, and your consistent participation allows HAPHousing to maintain its commitment to opening doors to a better future every day.