HAPHousing Homes

Beautiful, Affordable Homes for First-time Homebuyers

Two-story home that was restored by HAPHAPHousing has created many beautiful, affordably priced homes for purchase by first-time homeowners. While many of these are newly constructed homes, we also have renovated a number of older homes as an important part of neighborhood revitalization. Homes like those shown here allow qualified first-time buyers to own their own home for about the same cost of a monthly rental payment. They are outfitted with efficient new heating systems and appliances.

Currently, HAPHousing homes are sold or under contract for sale, but we encourage you to contact Melphy Antuna at 413-233-1731 to inquire about new homes coming on the market.

‘Homes for Good’: Additional Affordable Home Listings

HAPHousing also handles the resale of affordable homes in Hampden and Hampshire Counties as part of the Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts. For a current listing of homes for sale, please visit www.homesforgood.org or contact Melphy Antuna at 413-233-1731 or mantuna@haphousing.org.