The Homebuyer Club:
More Homebuying Help in a Friendly Setting

Afraid you’ll never qualify to own a beautiful home? Join the club!

Does owning a beautiful home seem beyond your reach?
Do you need to improve your credit first?
Do you want to learn about the homebuying process from someone you can trust?
Do you need to improve your monthly budget to meet expenses and also save for a home?
Man reading HAPHousing Homebuyer Club brochureIf you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the HAPHousing Homebuyer Club can put you on the path to owning your first home. As a member of the club, you’ll join other families on a friendly, helpful journey to overcome obstacles and achieve the goal of buying a beautiful new home in Springfield for your family.

A homebuyer counselor will guide you through the process, using personal coaching, counseling, workshops and friendly discussion to help you:
• Learn the homebuying process
• Improve your credit
• Review the benefits of buying vs. renting
• Tour beautiful homes in Springfield
• Link to banks and programs that can help you prepare financially
This is not a one-day, one-week or even one-month program. It is an ongoing membership that is yours until you achieve your goal. Your homebuyer counselor will help you set your own timeline, identify your next steps and stick with the program until you succeed in buying your first home.

Take the first step today. Call Melphy Antuna, Homebuyer Club Coordinator, at 413-233-1731. AQUI SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.