Tenant Rights and Issues:
Understanding Rental Requirements

Webster’s Dictionary defines tenant as: “one who has possession of land or tenement of another; specifically: one who rents or leases (as in a house) from a landlord.”

It is the business of a landlord to rent for profit. It is the right of a tenant to think of the rental unit as his/her home, however temporary. To be assured of this right means you must be aware of what is required of you as a tenant and what is required of your landlord.

The basic rules for a good tenant/landlord relationship are:

  • Develop a cooperative and business-like relationship from the start.
  • Keep communication lines open.
  • Put all agreements in writing.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities.

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Common tenant rights issues and questions include rent increases, security deposits, eviction, fair housing, poor living conditions and lead paint hazards.

For more basic information on tenant rights you can also:

HAPHousing also offers a reference sheet of helpful definitions to better understand the technical terms of rental housing.